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 Customer Commitment

- Being pragmatic and flexible in developing solutions.
- Constantly exceeding customer service expectations.
- No barriers to availability of our expert knowledge.
- Maintaining timely and informed customer communication.
- Taking ownership of issues, from receipt to conclusion.
- Performing in a manner that supports our clients.
- Tailored in our approach to achieve superior results.
- Behaving in a highly professional manner in all situations.

Developing Genuinely Engaging Relationships

- Actively listening, being patient and empathetic.
- Seeking to improve and enhance relationships.
- Approachable and friendly.
- Maintain a sense of humour.

Leadership with Integrity

- Providing learning support to fill knowledge gaps.
- Always performing at our best.
- Performing in a manner that supports our colleagues and maintaining the Investors in People Standard.
- Acting to extend our loyal customer history at all times.
- Maintaining a high level of accuracy, attention to detail and respect.
- Showing innovation in constantly improving our role function.
- Respecting our market and industry.