Customer Service

We believe wholeheartedly that delivering a valuable, trustworthy and transparent service to our customers will ensure not only customer satisfaction but also customer loyalty. In turn, this will ensure the future success of our company and drive innovation and further delivery of value to customers.


Dedicated to great service

Transparency is pivotal in maintaining customer loyalty. However, transparency is not simply telling a customer that they are getting a good deal...

... it requires educating the customer and empowering them to appraise the value of the service for themselves. We expect our staff to strongly follow our core competencies of Service, Knowledge and Relationships, this supported by our Investors In People accreditation and our commitment to staff training.

Our promise to you: 

We make it simple - We transfer your funds quickly and efficiently, making it hassle-free 

We take care of you - You’re assigned your own personal account manager 

We make time for you - We’re available to answer your questions, and act upon your feedback 

We value you - We don’t just transfer money A to B, you become part of our Community

We are embedding the Charter in our on-going education and training of our people within the business. We are using our Customer Champions who are scattered throughout the entire company to help spread the word of the Charter Promises and to help to promote and encourage behavioural change. 

We strike to ensure the best level of customer service for our clients, making sure that all staff adhere to the following Service Level Expectations: 

  • Bespoke service in all things currency 
  • You’re always connected to a person, not a machine
  • We keep you in the loop 
  • We deal with your queries promptly 
  • We prioritise relationships, not just trades 
  • We’re open and honest
  • We keep our communication as simple as our transactions
  • Quick and simple account opening process.
  • We take steps to ensure your money and data is secure
Meet our team

We would like you to share your views and let us know when we’re at our best and to tell us when we’re not, so we can continue to improve your foreign exchange experience. 

We recognise that, like all organisations, from time to time things can go wrong, and we do not provide the Standards of Service that we have set ourselves.

We are especially keen to hear about such instances since they provide us with an opportunity to put things right and to learn from our mistakes. That way, we can get it right next time. 

If you feel like we are aren’t living up to our promises or you would like to share with us some great examples of when we have, please let us know.


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