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Simplifying international payments for businesses selling online

Simplifying international payments for businesses selling online
We are delighted to now be able to support online sellers by giving them access to excellent exchange rates and tailored currency transfer solutions.
Our multi-currency accounts are a simple and cost-effective solution for scaling your business internationally. With a more efficient process for converting revenue from marketplaces like Amazon you have greater control over the timing and cost of your payments.
This service is compatible with all of the largest online market places, including Amazon, Etsy and Shopify.
What we offer:
  1. Personal account manager – tailored support from a currency expert by phone or email
  2. Market-leading online service – check live rates and manage your payments 24/7
  3. Collection accounts – eliminating the need for international bank accounts
  4. Digital currency wallets – buy currencies in advance and store them until you need them
  5. Specialist services – forward contracts and limit orders
  6. Automated withdrawal of funds – speeding up the payment process
  7. Simplified, streamlined service – pay suppliers direct with credits from Amazon
Collection Accounts: 
  1. Save every time you convert your sales from marketplaces like Amazon, without the hassle of opening local bank accounts in the countries you sell to.
  2. Collect multiple currencies and manage your transfers from one central and easy to use online system.
  3. You decide when we convert your funds. Save time with automated transfers or ask us to notify you when the rates are in your favour.
  4. Our digitally secure collection account certificates are recognised by Amazon for seamless seller account verification (SAV).
  5. Available currencies include GBP, EUR, USD, JPY and CAD.
  6. It’s free to open a collection account and there are no monthly fees.
Transfer on your terms:

  1. All our customers are assigned a dedicated account manager to look after their requirements and help them make the most from their international paymentsYour account manager will keep you up-to-date with the latest market movements and actively manage transactions and your risk management enquiries. 
  2. While our team of currency experts are always on hand when you need them, we like to give you the freedom to manage transfers on your terms, online 24/7.
If you would like to find out more about how we can support your online business with its foreign exchange requirements, call us today on +44 (0) 20 7738 0777 or click here to request a callback. 
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