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Finding time in Foreign Exchange

A translation business working with multiple translators in different currencies was spending four full working days per month across two members of staff processing their international payments. 

By using Currency//UK’s mass payments service, all of the business’ international payments could be automated and easily integrated onto our API system. The business’ Finance Manager was initially reluctant to switch to our fully automated system but now the finance team and indeed the whole company are reaping the benefits of having four extra days a month focusing on other elements of the business. 

Overall, the switch to the automated system has saved the business time, money and has reduced the risk of errors when dealing with payments. 

Having a mass international payments solution for your business can help you gain back the time your employees currently spend checking and chasing international payments. 

Our mass international payments system can easily plug into the current system you have in place and work immediately to save your both time and money.

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