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Currency Exchange for UK based Pilots

Currency Exchange for UK based Pilots

Best foreign exchange rates for Pilots paid in Euro

If you are paid in Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Norwegian Kroner (NOK), Swedish Kroner (SEK), Canadian Dollar (CAD) or any other currency then Currency UK can convert these funds for you.


Recently we have receive a large number of enquiries from Pilots who are based in the UK but whose employers pay them in Euro.

Typically most of the pilots in this situation simply let their employer send the Euros direct to their GBP bank account and let their bank exchange the funds when they arrive. Many have started to realise that their banks exchange rates are poor and they end up losing several % in the exchange

Some have already set up Euro accounts to receive these funds and take control of their FX but are still at the mercy of their banks and have found their banks unwilling to negotiate.

Currency UK can save you money on the conversion of your monthly salary regardless of if you have set up a currency account to receive it or not. For example many people arrange for their employers to send their salaries direct to their account with Currency UK.

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