Payments can be made in either Pounds or Euro. If you opt to receive your funds in Sterling, you are forced to accept an uncertain exchange rate that is selected arbitrarily. You shouldn’t have to cede control over your foreign exchange. Currency UK can guarantee you an advantageous outcome if you choose to receive your payment in Euros.

We can exchange your funds at a rate that will benefit you, and we can help you to receive your money as a SEPA payment, which reduces transfer costs enormously.

If you would like to make more of your EU subsidies, then call us now on 020 7738 0777.

Fixing a rate of exchange in advance of receiving the funds:

Watching the rates go up and down and consequently seeing the size of your payment do likewise can be extremely stressful. Thankfully, with Currency UK you can book an exchange rate for up to 12 months in advance. So, regardless of where the rate goes, you can know already how much you are going to receive before the money is even in your account. This is achieved using a forward contract.

How can I fix a rate in advance if I do not know when I will actually receive the subsidy payment?

We have a version of the forward contract called a 'flexible forward contract' - this allows you to choose a window of time in which you expect to receive the funds rather than a specific date.

To find out more about forward and flexible forward contracts click here.