Our partners

Currency UK partners with companies and organisations who share the same ethos when it comes to outstanding customer service and commitment to quality.

Partnering with Currency//UK provides you with the opportunity to give your clients access to excellent exchange rates, expert insights and award-winning customer service.

Association of Photographers

The Association of Photographers is one of the most prestigious professional photographers’ associations in the world.

We provide practical advice to their members on all foreign exchange matters. If you are managing budgets abroad or earning fees from other countries, you most likely have some exposure to currency risk.
At Currency//UK we understand that international invoices can be difficult to manage and with the volatile foreign exchange markets, it can seem almost impossible. We support AOP members to take the right precautions to protect their income.


We are proud members of The British Exporters Association (BExA) – an independent national trade association representing the interests of the export community. Their membership is drawn from a wide cross section of companies; Large and SME Exporters, Banks, Credit Insurers and Brokers, Legal firms and other services providers – giving us an excellent perspective of the issues that matter to UK exporters.

We provide practical advice to their members on all export related matters – either through the well regarded series of guides to exporting or through regular Industry meetings. BExA provides a great opportunity for networking with like minded companies to drive UK exports towards the UK’s export challenge targets.


Pact is the trade association representing the commercial interests of UK independent television, film, digital, children’s and animation media companies.

Pact supports its members with legal and business affairs advice and support, including FX, as well as a wide range of services and campaign work.
We provide support their members on all foreign exchange related matters – either through their highly valuable guides or through their other communication channels including their podcast.

Saunderson House

Saunderson House is an independent wealth management firm, providing a comprehensive financial planning and investment management service to high-net worth individuals, charities and trusts.

We provide guidance to Saunderson House and their clients on foreign exchange related matters including overseas house sales and purchases, receiving bonuses in different currencies and overseas investments.

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