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The process and cost

The process and cost


The process is really straightforward – check out this video.


There are two principal costs to consider and compare:

1. Transfer fee

There are no charges for most of our transactions and no hidden fees or commissions. If we do charge for a service, which can be the case for some business services, we’ll tell you upfront so you know exactly what it’s going to cost you.

2. Exchange rate

Based on the volume of currency we trade, Currency UK will be able to offer you excellent exchange rates.

As we can achieve better pricing in the market, we are able to pass these better prices to you.

The exact exchange rate we are able to offer you at any given time depends on the following factors:

  • Market/interbank price of the currency pair you are looking to trade
  • Volume of the transaction and future transactions
  • Product e.g. the amount of time you need to fix the rate for
  • Flexibility required e.g open forward contract
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