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Useful apps for expats

Useful apps for expats

Devices have become such an integral part of our lives as they are used for many different purposes such as reminders, notes, social media, alarms and entertainment. Everyone can benefit from their device by downloading a smart handy app that can make your life easier. That’s why we have made a list of apps that could be extremely beneficial for those who are planning to move abroad.


If you are planning to move abroad Airbnb is a great app to use. With access in over 191 countries, Airbnb can benefit you especially if you are still uncertain on the area you want to live in. Airbnb is handy for those who like to move around a lot too, as you can find long-term temporary accommodation. So if you are testing the waters in a potential location you wish to call home, this could app can be beneficial for you.

Open Table

No matter what country you are in, it is always great to find a place to dine. Going out as an expat is a great way to socialise and meet new people and this app can support you to do exactly that. Operating in over 20 different countries, the app gives you the ability to find restaurants around you and make reservations just in the click of your fingers.

WiFi Finder

Many people cannot imagine life without the internet, well lucky for those as WiFi finder is a free internet connectivity tool that allows you to locate free internet spots that are around. So as soon as you move you can be connected to your friends and family no matter how far you are.


Now the main reason we all require WiFi is to stay connected. Speaking of staying connected, WhatsApp is a well-known way to do this. Whats App allows you to stay in touch with your family and friends by texting, video calling and audio calling. It is completely free makes moving abroad less daunting, as family and friends are just a video call away.


When you move abroad you may want to still travel to different countries, whether it is for a holiday or to visit family. Saving money is crucial as an expat so you can build the life you want to abroad. This is why Skyscanner is a good app to save you money as it can help you find competitive flight prices, car hires and even hotels.


Another smart way to save money is by using Hopper. This app analyses billions of prices every day and has a 95% accuracy rate of predicting prices up to a year later. It is definitely beneficial for expats because it lets you know when is the best time to purchase, saving you money.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a great tool for expats to make your journeys easier. Not only does this app tell you the directions worldwide by car, train and walking but it also lets you know the time it would take to get to your destination. This will save you lots of time and allows you to plan routes well in advance.

Google Translate

Depending on what country you move too it may be the case that English is not the first language. If you’ve been thinking of a particular country to move to for a while, but have been worried about the language barrier, fret not. This app can help translate in any language which makes it easier for you to communicate with others.

Meet up

The meetup app is available in over 180 countries and is great especially if you are an expat. If you are moving abroad alone or even with family this app can help you settle in sooner. This app allows you to find a group that participate in activities that you are interested in or even to do something completely new. So whether you are solo, in a couple or with a family this is a good way to find an activity to keep you busy.

Facebook safety Check

Nobody likes to imagine themselves being in a crisis such as natural disasters, but unfortunately, on the rare occasion, this can occur. If you are involved in one, Facebook’s safety check allows you to mark yourself as safe, help people nearby who may need support and even get information on any crisis. As an expat, this is a helpful way to inform your family and friends you are safe, as well as helping those who may need it.

We hope these apps will make you settle into your new home country as smooth as possible. If you need more support moving abroad, Currency UK can help you to make your life even easier by providing you with bank beating foreign exchange rates. So whether it’s buying a property abroad or even paying tuition fees abroad we can help.

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