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Buying a property abroad

We can support you with the successful purchase of your overseas property, offering both excellent exchange rates and no transfer fees.

CurrencyUK Use Case

How we will help

Once you have found the property you wish to purchase we can lock-in a desired exchange rate through the use of a forward contract and give you this rate at a future date, even if the market moves against you. This protects your funds from fluctuations in the currency market allowing you to have certainty when buying your new property abroad. 

Our team of experts watch the market so you don’t have to and are on hand to act at the right time to get you the best deal. 

Another benefit of using an FX specialist such as Currency UK is that when transferring funds for someone who is buying a property we can work directly with the solicitor or notaire. This helps cut out a stage for the client where potential problems could arise. If the funds are sent directly to the client’s bank they would then need to initiate the transfer from their account to ours, some banks require them to be in the branch in person, this can be difficult if their client is abroad. By receiving the funds directly from the solicitor we can quickly and efficiently exchange the funds and send the payment.

We can keep client funds on account for 1 year if they are waiting for a specific rate or there is a delay with their property purchase and therefore their currency requirements. This is particularly useful when buying a brand new property and there is a delay in the build.

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