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International inheritance

Transfer inheritance from one currency to another in a timely and stress-free fashion with no transfer fees.

CurrencyUK Use Case

How we will help

If you are receiving money, you’ll want to mitigate the costs associated with transferring described above, not to mention the often stress-inducing delay times associated with large transfers. It’s worth it to provide much needed certainty when dealing large sums, as well as mitigating the risk of a poor exchange rate, ensuring you get the most out of an inheritance that is rightfully yours. 

Furthermore, if you’ve inherited property abroad and now need to either maintain the property or sell it, either way incurring regular fees at least for the short term, Currency UK can help you manage this and give you the financial certainty you need to manage any inherited assets effectively and easily, minimising stress and mitigating risk. 

The real advantage of using Currency UK to assist with inheritance-related claims is our team of experienced experts who can help you find the most cost-effective and efficient mechanism for you. No matter your inheritance or FX needs, Currency UK can help make a difficult time for anyone that little bit easier.

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