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Overseas contractors

We provide certainty around the amount you will earn each month in a given currency and the ability to manage international payments easily with no transfer fees.

CurrencyUK Use Case

How we will help

As the world becomes smaller more and more people take up projects abroad working with international companies for a period of time before returning home. For these people sending money back home to manage outgoings as well as the need for money to live on in their country of work is important and requires foreign exchange. 

Due to movements in the currency market, you may however find that your salary is worth more or less each month compared to your home currency. Over the time on the project, the difference could add up to a significant sum and affect how much you are earning and your ability to manage your financial commitments in your home country. 

Fortunately Currency UK can receive your salary payments from your employer on your behalf and then pay them to an account of your choice in an alternative currency. With our automated payments we can ensure you receive your payments on the same day every month. 

We can also lock in a desirable exchange rate allowing you to receive the same amount in an alternative currency even if the exchange rate moves against you.

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