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Protecting against foreign exchange movements

When you want to secure a better exchange rate for a payment in the future, we can lock in an exchange rate for future payment when the rate is in your favour allowing you to mitigate the risk of market fluctuations damaging your profits.

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For businesses who know they will have a foreign exchange requirement at a future date, Currency UK can lock in an exchange rate beforehand giving them certainty when it comes to financial planning.


If there is a particular exchange rate that businesses are hoping to achieve, we can use tools such as Market Orders which will automatically execute trades if certain conditions are met, even if your desired exchange rate is only achieved for a matter of seconds. 


Currency UK can also guarantee a rate for a future date through the use of a forward contract. This allows your business to take advantage of favourable rates and protect your forecast costs/revenue from fluctuations in exchange rates, keeping your cash flow predictable and protected.

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