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  • save up to 4% on your overseas payment - request a live foreign exchange rate now.
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    save up to 4% on your overseas payment - request a live foreign exchange rate now. And the result is...

    Currency UK offers a highly personal service delivering exceptional savings and service. Simply enter the amount and currency that you wish to transfer and click 'Submit'.

    A great saving versus your bank. Click on 'Sign up' to proceed (or 'login' top right). Take a look at the graph below to see how the current rates compare to recent movements...  Click to view graph

  • For Business and for Individuals For Business and for Individuals

    The best exchange rates and fast international currency payments, available to businesses and individuals. Click here to learn more!

  • London's Foreign Exchange Provider London's Foreign Exchange Provider

    Based in iconic Battersea, with an international outlook. Click here to find out more!

Foreign exchange & International Payments

Currency UK is one of the UK's leading foreign exchange and payments providers. Whether you're a business or an individual, importing or exporting, moving abroad, paying tuition fees or repatriating earnings, Currency UK has been the leading currency broker for international payments and transfers for over a decade.

Why use us? Whether you're a business or an individual, Currency UK provide foreign exchange, currency transfers and facilities to receive overseas payments, all at bank-beating exchange rates. Our unique range of products include SEPA transfers to complex hedging tools and strategies.

Who are we? A London-based foreign exchange broker with a dedicated team that knows you by name and treats you as an individual. We don't just arrange your currency transaction; we understand your exact requirements and help you get the job done.

Whatever your requirement, we can help. Talk to us today.

Getting started

  • 1 Complete either a Personal or Business account opening form.
  • 2 Tell us the currency and amount you wish to send overseas.
  • 3 We will quote you a bank beating exchange rate for your payment.
  • 4 Send your funds to our Barclays client account
  • 5 Tell us the beneficiary bank details.
  • 6 Upon receipt of your funds we will convert and send them as per your instructions.

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