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A huge week ahead for USD, EUR and GBP

A huge week ahead for USD, EUR and GBP

As we enter the last full working week of 2013 we would normally explain how the holiday season will see much quieter trading, lack any particular trend and see potential spikes of volatility (as large interbank trades can cause price movement). However this week delivers ‘santas sleigh’ of significant news that will almost certainly have a big impact of GBP, EUR and USD.


The week really kicks off at 14:00 this afternoon with a speech from ECB president, Mario Draghi. As ever his comments will be closely watched for clues on future ECB policy and how that will impact interest rates and the attractiveness of EUR to investors.


The most significant event of the week will be the Wednesday evening US Federal Reserve policy meeting where there could be a mention of the fabled ‘tapering’.


For more details on the events of this week you can also check out our blog.

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