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Currency UK Supporting UK Business Innovators

Currency UK Supporting UK Business Innovators

Currency UK partner Boardroom Advisors has been confirmed as an endorsing body for the Innovator Visa Programme. The programme is designed for those considering starting a business or bringing a business idea to the UK.

The Innovator Visa scheme allows people to set up one or several businesses in the UK, work as self-employed for that company, or be employed as a director and after 3 years apply for permanent residency. 

Currency UK wants to support and help facilitate the introduction of new and innovative businesses to the UK and our partnership with boardroom advisors means those applying for an Innovator Visa can utilise our international payments solutions as well as the strategic expertise of Boardroom Advisors. 


How can Currency UK help innovators using the programme?

When it comes to using the Innovator Visa programme there are many opportunities for international payments to arise from the initial application payment and business set up costs, to setting up your new life in the UK.

Currency UK can help those who need to make their Innovator Visa application payment by providing competitive exchange rates and same day payment options to ensure you can kickstart the Innovator Visa process as soon as possible.

Where our expertise comes into play is with supporting you as your business maps out its currency needs over the first 12 months in order to get up and running. This can be anything from buying machinery or produce to transferring funds from another branch in a different country. 

Having been in the industry for over 20 years we have seen many businesses get caught out by fluctuations in exchange rates, resulting in a reduction in profits and cash flow issues. We work with our clients to map out a risk mitigation strategy to ensure profits are protected and cash flow remains stable, which we know is particularly crucial in those initial months when starting a new business or opening in a new territory. 

To find out more about our foreign exchange services and how we are helping businesses create a firm footing as they begin their UK-based operations call a member of our team on +44 (0) 20 7738 0777.

Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about the Innovator Visa Programme you can do so on the Boardroom Advisors website.

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