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Why you no longer need to jump from broker to broker

Why you no longer need to jump from broker to broker

For businesses that make international payments as part of their core operations, speaking to foreign exchange and payment experts is nothing new. Often a Financial Director or other members of a payments team will have multiple providers on call to give them a quote each and every time they need currency. 

While this method may lead to a lower rate on occasion, it can also be time-intensive and doesn’t allow much agility should market movements happen quickly and the business needs to react. Given the current financial market, recession on the horizon, and the war in Ukraine, volatility remains highly likely making a trusted international payments partner all the more valuable. 

Our solution is to offer our clients a rate agreement, guaranteeing a spread on each international payment a business makes, removing the need to shop around. This also means clients benefit from having a dedicated account manager with their interests in mind, meaning we’ll pick up the phone and call you when the rate moves, rather than waiting for you to call us to see what our lowest price is. 

Our rate agreement with clients requires us to self-audit each year to ensure we offer fair pricing for our services and fall within our framework of being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our commitment to businesses means that should they guarantee a certain volume of foreign exchange over a 12-month period we will set a boundary for our margin. 

Shopping around when it comes to foreign exchange rates may work for some businesses and that’s understandable, but for businesses looking for an international payments partner who is committed to offering fair pricing and a complete service, a rate agreement is a no brainer.

If you’d like to find out more about our rate agreement structure and what margin we would be able to offer your business, please get in touch with a member of our team on +44 (0) 20 7738 0777. 

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