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BHD – Bahraini Dinar

BHD – Bahraini Dinar

Sign – .د.ب / Code – BHD

Long before our corporate currency exchange brokers were helping our clients with their Bahraini Dinar transfers, the Bahraini Dinar was creating its own rich history.

About the Bahraini Dinar

The Dinar was introduced to Bahrain in 1965 after the country gained independence from Britain, replacing the Gulf rupee. The Rupee, also called the Persian Gulf Rupee, was used by countries surrounding the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula from 1959 to 1966. Prior to this, the Indian Rupee (pegged to the British Pound) was used by the area.

Bahrain is a member of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, along with Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman, which planned to introduce a single currency in 2010, although this plan has yet to be implemented.

The Bahraini Dinar has become the second highest-valued currency.

Saudi Riyals are also accepted in Bahrain, except the Saudi 500 note which is only accepted in major supermarkets and airports.


Subunit: Fils – 1/1000

Coins: 5 fils, 10 fils, 25 fils, 50 fils, 100 fils, BD½ 

Banknotes: BD½, BD1, BD5, BD10, BD20 

Bank: Central Bank of Bahrain


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