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Common words and phrases you should know when travelling

Common words and phrases you should know when travelling

When you are going abroad, one aspect that should not be overlooked is the ability to communicate in another language. Therefore, we have decided to create this handy guide to make your travel abroad a little easier.

English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, however, you may find that wherever you decide to go, only a few people will actually be able to speak it. This guide will give you a kick-start to some of the most commonly-used words/phrases in some of the world’s most-spoken languages.


Hi: Marhabaan
Yes: Naäam
No: Iaa
Your welcome: äafwan
Thank you: Shukran
Excuse me: aläafw
Water: Ma’an

You could find Arabic being spoken in: 

Chinese (Mandarin)

Hello: nín hǎo
Ok/Good: hǎo
Not ok/Not good: bù hǎo
Thank you: Xièxiè
I’m sorry:duì bu qǐ
Your welcome: bú yòng xiè
Water: Shuǐ

Chinese (Mandarin) you could find being spoken in:


Hello: Bonjour
Yes: Oui
No: Non
Thank you: Merci
Excuse me: Excusez-moi
Please: S’il vous plaît.
How much?: Combien
Water: Eau

You could find people speaking French in: 


Hello: Namaste
Yes: Haan
No: Naa
Thank you: Dhanyavaad
How much?: Kitana
Help: Madad
Water: Paanee

You could find Hindi being spoken in: 



Hello: Konnichiwa
Thank you: Arigatou Gozaimasu
How much?: Ikura
My name is: Namae wa…
It’s good: Ii desu yo
Its bad: Dame desu
Water: Mizu

You can find Japanese being spoken in: 


Hello: Privyet
Thank you: Spaseeba
Yes: Da
No: Nyet
Help: Pomogite
Water: Vody
Bye: Poka

You can find Russian being spoken in: 


Hello: Hola
Yes: Si
No: No
Thank you: Gracias
I’m sorry: Lo Siento
Water: Agua
Bye: Adios

You can find Spanish being spoken in: 



We hope this guide has given you some insight into some basic phrases to know before you travel. A good practice if you are thinking of moving abroad is to research more into the language so it will be easier to communicate with the locals. 

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