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Emigrate hassle-free

Emigrate hassle-free

Leaving your home country for pastures new is a big step. A major element is your finances. Currency UK can make your journey smoother with our seamless international payments and currency transfers.

From keeping an account in your new home’s currency to locking in our excellent currency exchange rates when you know you’ll need a transfer soon, there are many ways we can help you to effortlessly cut costs of moving money to below the levels charged by the major high street banks.

Whether you’re buying a new home abroad or simply need a sum of local currency for a rental deposit, there are many ways we can help. The typical process of emigration from a financial perspective may actually require a variety of our services.

For example, you may be aware of the amount you wish to transfer long before you have a bank account in your new home country. Currency UK can offer you facilities to fix the exchange rate, pay for the funds, and hold them on account until you have a local account to which they can be transferred. From these funds you can then pay for some of the incidental costs such as your initial rent deposit or buying a car.

After your move is complete you may have residual income from the UK. Perhaps you are paid by a British company or pension income. Currency UK’s regular payment product is specifically designed to handle these frequent, lower value payments.

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