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EUSA Internship programme

EUSA Internship programme

Currency UK has a long-term commitment to supporting as many individuals as possible as they try to find their way into the working world. We understand that there is a wide talent pool that is eager to get some work experience. That’s why all across the year we get ourselves involved with EUSA.

EUSA is a not-for-profit international organization that helps universities and colleges in the United States place students in academic-directed internships. Internships provide great opportunities for students to explore their education and career, gain work experience, begin networking and understand how a professional workplace operates. This allows students to integrate their knowledge with practice.

We take part in this programme and give students the option to work in any department of their choice. Currency UK takes part in this with the aim to help combat unemployment in graduates. Some of our interns have come from world-class universities all across the United States. We create long-lasting relationships with the students and they bring a delightful enthusiasm into the office with them.

One of our directors, Alex Coates, says ‘It really is great having the interns, they are eager to work and have many innovative and creative ideas’.

We at Currency UK believe in giving back to the community, which is why we run multiple internship programmes. Read about the work we’re doing with our partners at Queens Park Rangers.

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