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Where to buy property in Europe on a budget

Where to buy property in Europe on a budget

Moving to Europe post-Brexit can seem like an administrative headache, with all the extra layers of bureaucracy creating barriers that can be difficult to overcome. That said, Europe still offers something for everyone, from retirees looking for a quaint retirement home to young professionals looking for a holiday home to party away the summer.  Here’s some lesser-known spots that provide bang for your buck no matter your needs. 


Istria, Croatia

Dubbed ‘the new Tuscany’ by those in the know, Istria is the western-most territory of Croatia, placing it close to northern Italy but boasting its own share of beautiful country vistas, Mediterranean cultural trappings and a rich history. Lovers of food will appreciate its native white truffles and internationally acclaimed wines, while sun lovers will appreciate its range of beaches and coves, especially in its southernmost section. Partygoers are also catered for by a range of festivals, including one held in a 19th century fort!


Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

The likes of Malaga, Ayia Napa and Kavos are known for their party scenes, attracting superstar DJs and satisfying the hedonistic needs of tourists from around the world. As a result of their fame, property prices have soared in these towns. However, the lesser-known Sunny Beach is on the up, with DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox and Tiesto having made stops on their summer tours. If you’re looking to buy in a party hotspot, Sunny Beach is the smart buyer’s choice, with low prices that are sure to go up in the coming years as its reputation builds. 


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Those looking for a European city lifestyle without the price tag will appreciate Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. The city has a prominent university culture, meaning arty types will appreciate the galleries, cinemas and other cultural trappings, while more chill-oriented individuals will enjoy whiling away the hours at one of the  many cafes lining the curving Ljubljanica River. 


Murcia, Spain 

This region of Spain offers all the benefits of living in a tourist hotspot with far less of the hustle and bustle associated with the likes of Alicante and the Costa del Sol. Sitting slightly further south and a little more inland, Murcia boasts over 3000 hours of sunshine every year, making it ideal for those who need to feel the heat all year round. The relative lack of tourists also makes for a more authentic experience, with the region’s famous and unique tapas a key draw for fans of Spanish culture. 


How can Currency UK help when buying property abroad? 

Currency UK offers a range of services that can help you when moving abroad. Our private clients will get a dedicated account manager to support their specific needs when it comes to making a purchase abroad and securing an exchange rate. Our online platform allows our clients an at-a-glance view of markets and allows them to store and manage assets in multiple currencies.

Market orders may be of particular interest to those purchasing property, as customers can set up exchanges to occur once certain exchange rates are achieved in the market. This allows a customer to plan with certainty when it comes to making large purchases In foreign currency. 

Speak to a member of our team today on +44 (0)20 7738 0777 to open an account with us. 

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