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At Currency UK, getting you a great FX rate isn't a sideline – it's our whole business. That means a quote from our business currency experts will be more competitive than a quote from your bank. We take less of your profits away and give you more of our time.

We work on behalf of our clients to minimise the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, simplifying the process for both making and receiving international payments. In short, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes get more for their money overseas.

Control the cost of foreign exchange and expand your global reach with fast, secure and reliable international payments in over 40 currencies.

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Same day / next day / SPOT contract

Make immediate or urgent international payments.

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Guarantee a rate for a future date, take advantage of favourable rates, protect your forecast costs/revenue, lock in bottom line profits.

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For the purchase or sale of a currency between a range of future dates, this product allows you to draw down from the contract as and when required. Perfect when buying goods or services with long and uncertain lead times.

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When you need to manage large payment volumes, simply upload single files with payments for multiple countries and currencies and automatically create the payments and transact the relevant FX.

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Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate your Currency//UK account into your business. Use it to automate international business payments, send payments to clients or employees and monitor transactions in real time.

Keep your cash flow predictable and protected from volatile markets with a proactive approach to risk.

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Products designed to automatically execute if certain conditions are meant. We watch the markets so you don’t have to.

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A proactive service that allows you to make an informed decision when a particular price has been achieved.

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We offer a suite of treasury management services to suit companies from small to large and complex requirements. Send and receive funds in multiple currencies using our infrastructure.

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Our platform can formulate hedging programmes that help you maintain, mitigate and manage your currency risk.

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The ability to sell in many different local currencies and offer a variety of payment methods that appeal to customers worldwide.

Fx Online

Currency UK want to help your business be as efficient as possible. That’s why we created our online platform.

Simple to use, our online system allows you to make multiple currency payments from the comfort of your office chair in the blink of an eye.

It also keeps a record of every transaction made, facilitating reporting.

If you’d like to get Currency UK’s rates on your website, we can give you access to our API.

Easily manage beneficiaries and add new ones all in one place

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